ShanghAI lectures deliver expert lectures in robotics - for free!

The ShanghAI lectures bring experts lectures in robotics. You can find the whole series here (

These lectures about Natural and Artificial Intelligence are held via videoconference at the University Carlos III of Madrid in Spain, the University of Zurich in Switzerland, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa, Italy, Humboldt University Berlin in Germany, University of Plymouth and University of Salford in the UK, and 10 other universities around the globe. Students from the participating universities work together on the exercises, using a powerful robotics simulator software.

The ShanghAI Lectures project aims at:

- building a sustainable community of students and researchers in the area of Embodied Intelligence
- making education and knowledge on cutting-edge scientific topics accessible to everyone
- exploring novel methods of knowledge transfer
- overcoming the complexity of a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary learning context
- bringing global teaching to a new level

There are also guest lectures you haven't yet seen from previous years, starting with the first lectures from 2009 and releasing a new guest lecture every Thursday until all the series are complete. Enjoy!